We are Mick and Hen.
As in ‘Where are Mick and Hen? Have Mick and Hen seen this? Did Mick and Hen approve this? Are Mick and Hen in the meeting? Where are Mick and Hen these days? Mick and Hen are brilliant. You have to invite Mick and Hen, they are great fun. Get Mick and Hen to take a look at that brief, they will crack it in an hour. I’m not calling the client without Mick and Hen on the phone.’ We come as a package and always have.
There is no Mick without Hen and no Hen without Mick.

We like it that way and so does everyone we have ever worked with. People like us, clients like us, even account people like us. Give us a problem, we will give you a solution. That’s what we do and we do it brilliantly. For the last 9 years, we have been running the Reckitt Benckiser business for Havas London. We ran it like a small agency, with our own account management department, our own TV production department and our own planning department. We did it with dedication, enthusiasm and a lot of good humour. But above all, we did it successfully. We made money for Havas and we made money for RB.
Now we want to bring Mick and Hen to your accounts or your agency.



Who Have We Worked with?


Havas, Fuel, Legas Delaney, AMVBBDO, Publicis, Euro RSCG, WCRS, Ogilvy, BBDO, DDB, Y&R.


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